Copyright policy

TXP content—written and visual—is copyright protected, and all rights are reserved for TXP and its contributing authors.

Author rights for accepted contributions

Contributing authors have full ownership rights on their accepted written content, under these initial conditions for publication in TXP:

  1. Content published in TXP must be original work not published anywhere else on the internet, including the author’s own website or blog, regardless of language.
  2. English-language articles accepted and published in TXP must not be republished anywhere else on the internet, including the author’s own website or blog, during the current issue period the article appears. The total time anyone must wait to republish an article is up to three months maximum (reflecting TXP’s quarterly schedule), but actually dependant on when a next issue of TXP is published.
  3. Authors of contributed work may republish translations (any language except English) of their own articles at any time after their article appears in TXP.

Requests to reproduce or translate written content

With respect to #2 in the previous section, requests to reproduce or translate the written work of articles in TXP—in part or in full—should be directed to the respective authors of the articles. Do not make such requests to TXP, nor ask TXP to make request to authors for you; all such requests to TXP will be ignored, which should not be construed as any kind of approval to your request.

You can find author contact information in their author profiles, which may include their website address, Twitter page, or other contact details the author might share.

Statement of original publication

Regardless of when an article may be reproduced, or what language it may be in, the person reproducing the article must:

  1. Include the following statement at the top of the article, adding the relevant title, link, issue number, and publish date, where indicated: “This article was originally published as [Title] in TXP Magazine, Issue [n], on [date].
  2. Tell us where the article may be found so we might link back to it; especially if the article is in a different language.