Stef Dawson

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A part time Textpattern hobgoblin and plugin developer, coder, wordsmith, writer, musician, sound engineer, web simian, photographer, husband and dad.
As a Quality Engineer by title alone, the world of work beckoned. Nine years later, my spirit crushed by monolithic organisations, Lotus Notes, SQL Server, and fat reels of impenetrable red tape, I took semi-retirement from the rat race and joined a company comprising just three people where I eked out a living flitting from digital thing to thing a few days a week.
With delusions of grandeur in many artistic fields, I get by on my sharp memory, dubious worldview and collection of hats kept in a jar by the fridge.
I’ve tried many CMS products, fell in love with Textpattern in 2006 and have never looked back, despite abusing my position in the community ever since by promising things and not delivering on time.
When not learning new things, coding, writing, creating music, remixing, playing, working, laughing, and eating chocolate, I sleep.

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