Philipp Schilling

Portrait of Philipp Schilling [unshaved]

I’m a freelance designer. I live in Cologne, Germany with my wonderful wife and our three mostly-wonderful children. I create brands. And, I love type. Looking back I was very lucky never having to choose between cm and px because I couldn’t if I had to. In 2007 I started noticing that my customers started to demand design and CMS implementation from a single provider. Looking back, I was very lucky not wanting to learn PHP so I couldn’t stick with WordPress, Joomla or Typo3. I got to know new kids like Drupal and Django CMS since then, but I think Textpattern will stay my favourite CMS for the next couple of decades.
I designed the hammer and chisel logo that succeeded Dean Allen’s stonecarver logo, and am happy to be asked to do the current slight redesign of the Textpattern brand.
I play table tennis in the lowest league, and am the bassist with Monostadt, a nice-but-unknown band of some older men.

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