Marie Poulin

I work as a “digital craftswoman,” planning, designing and building strategically savvy websites.
Classically trained as a graphic designer, I starting exploring the world of web design in 2005, teaching myself HTML, CSS and Javascript.
I stumbled into the Textpattern community when I found another designer’s portfolio website, and wondered how she was able to achieve such complex functionality. After exploring a few other CMS’s, Textpattern became my tool of choice, as it felt nearly unlimited in it’s functionality. Not knowing any others working with Textpattern forced me to explore the online community, and soon I began contributing my own articles and tips to various websites, including Fuel Your Coding and TXP Tips.
At the end of 2011, I sold nearly all of my worldly possessions (except for my climbing equipment, snowboard, and a Macbook Air), and became a digital nomad, living a location-independent lifestyle. Currently, I consider Vancouver my home base.
My work is constantly evolving, and these days I do less development, and focus more on strategy, design and planning (oh and maybe travelling…).

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