Meaningful Labour

Dissecting HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0
by Pankaj Parashar
Issue 3 Oct 2012
If you are looking for a perfect HTML5 template to kickstart your new project that should be fast, robust and cross-browser compatible, you do not have to look beyond the HTML5 Boilerplate. The world’s most popular frontend template is a result of the combined knowledge and effort of more than 100 developers, making it one of the most popular projects on GitHub. But before you skip this article to press the download button, you need to understand; what makes this framework so popular?
Building a Textpattern-powered public login form
by Kevin Potts
Issue 2 May 2012
Often, your client’s website will need more than just public-facing content. Having a simple login system, where content is locked behind authentication, is useful for boards of directors needing meeting minutes, customers needing proprietary support information, or a hundred other uses. Textpattern, through its own strong user security and a combination of plugins, can support exactly that.
A new default theme for Textpattern 4.5
by Phil Wareham
Issue 1 Feb 2012
After nine years of using the same default theme—the one that has shipped since Textpattern’s inception—Textpattern CMS will sport a new theme beginning with the next major release of the system, version 4.5. I’d like to share how it all came about, the thinking that went into the new theme’s development, and what’s coming up next.