Issue 4

Issue 4 is another staggered issue. Articles will be posted as they roll in. We begin with a great one. Our esteemed colleague, Kevin Potts, dazzles you with a technical rouser on using the smd_calendar plugin. Other articles to look forward to this issue include a guest contribution, a piece on eyewear (you’ve got to protect the eyes), and a special address to new Textpattern community members. The rest you’ll have to wait for. Come on in, the reading is fine!

Issue 3

We bring you an uncharacteristic issue this time; a few articles now, and a couple more later. Most articles this issue are written by the Editor-in-Chief. But don’t let that scare you off, Issue 3 is a solid issue. The Editor’s letter introduces some interesting ideas for the magazine that could involve you. We’ll have two Spotlight articles when all said and done; one on a girl and one a boy. Checks and balances. The Bloke delivers a two-fisted tutorial for getting you started with building Textpattern plugins. Destry muses over theoretical designs following the recent Wikipedia Redesigned hoo-ha. We have our first guest author contribution this issue. (You should think about contributing your own sometime.) And a mystery author will review our newest Exhibit entry, which will wrap Issue 3 when posted.

Issue 2

This issue of TXP Magazine delivers more exciting firsts. Ralitza brings us the first Site Watch article, profiling 24 Ways and the key fellow behind it, Drew McLellan. Kevin delivers the first full-length tutorial on creating a front-side extranet. Philipp Schilling, one of two new team members, takes time to consider Textpattern’s brand strategy in the longer run. Stef describes several custom developments in the magazine that many of you have been asking about. For you freelancers who’ve ever wanted to work and truly be free, Marie shares how it can be done from a bungalow in Bali. And Claire Brione, plugin developer extraordinaire, is profiled in the calms of Vendeuvre. All that and more. Nothing to be missed.

Issue 1

After more than three years, TXP (Magazine) is back, and in a big way. Under new editorial direction and with strategic aims, there’s a lot to introduce in this first issue, including the magazine’s new identity and publishing agenda, the amazing team of people making it happen, and what you can expect in the future. And that says nothing about the other six cork-popping articles in this issue to kick things off: two profiles of remarkable Textpattern users, our pilot plugin review, a fantastic piece for you independents out there, a detailed look at the new default theme shipping with Textpattern 4.5, and a proposal for a new piece of identity in the Textpattern family of websites. We’re hitting the ground running with Issue 1.