We mourne for Sivert Nielsen (sivni)

Alexandra Labudda 14 September 2005

While writing this entry my heart is full of sorrow.
Sivert Nielsen (sivni), many TXP community members know him from textgarden.org, did pass away.

Sivert battled with depression and panic attacks for many years. On his personal blog he did talk about his medication and feelings frankly. I admired him for his braveness.

Sivert lost his battle on July 16th.

In respectful memory our condolences go out to him and his loved ones.

A very sad Alex

Post Scriptum
Dean Allen says:
Do please keep posting your thoughts on the forum – I think it’s important that Sivert’s mother Anne-Mette and brother Sigurd have a chance to see how well-liked and respected Sivert continues to be, and how he’ll be missed.
Textgarden will be taken offline for the time being while we work out who’ll take over running it, and of course whatever form it takes will be dedicated to Sivert’s memory.