As the story was told, TXP was acquired by new owners, and a more focused editorial strategy was infused into it—a strategy based on more long-term objectives. As often necessary with major changes like this, and to say nothing of the old site's form and function, a complete audit was undertaken to determine what would fit or not with the new publishing directives. As it turned out, not much did, for a number of reasons. You'll find most links to old content, if you saved any, now forward to new locations. Starting fresh. We probably don't need to explain it further than that. However, we decided to keep a few articles that don't really fit in with our editorial columns but nevertheless pay tribute to the magazine of old, and to poignant periods in Textpattern's history. We make them available on this page. A simple list. No more. No less.

Accessibility and Content Management Systems
by Alexandra Labudda, 27 March 2007
Interview: What are the grounds of a successful Open Source project ?
by Alexandra Labudda, 1 December 2006
Battling Depression
by Alexandra Labudda, 17 July 2006
Stuck in a web of mediocre relationships?
by Neil Atwood, 4 July 2006
We mourne for Sivert Nielsen (sivni)
by Alexandra Labudda, 14 September 2005
Interview: Zem on programming and Txp
by Alexandra Labudda, 27 January 2005