Community Spotlight

Carla Lovato on Brazil, design, and Textpattern
by Destry Wion
Issue 3 Oct 2012
Brazil has always been a must-go destination for me, even if for a week on the beaten tourist paths. But bikinis and carnival say nothing of the greater cultural experiences to be had by mixing into the big melting pots of Rio de Jeneiro and São Paulo… So says Carla Lovato, who manages the interactive design side of Cadigital, a small web design shop in Brazil’s biggest city. In a huge country where WordPress and Drupal are the perfunctory choices, Carla dances the samba with Textpattern CMS and she’s looking to sway more of her countryfolk to the party.
Divining David DeSandro
by Destry Wion
Issue 3 Sep 2012
David DeSandro is the kind of person Textpattern often draws to its community; people who are talented, genuine and friendly, and who like to create things from the canvas up. He’s also the kind of person that rolls good things back into the communities he belongs to, and the Textpattern community has benefited greatly from his contributions. David is passionate about the work that he does, shares his experiments for the benefit of others, never has a bad word for anyone … the man is going nowhere but up!
Claire Brione: plugin developer extraordinaire
by Destry Wion
Issue 2 May 2012
Claire Brione is making a name for herself in the Textpattern community, thanks to her plugins that make it possible to create admin-side access from the front-side of a website. I don’t use any of her plugins, yet, and until rather recently I only knew of her by her support forum nickname, CéBé, but when the editorial team was discussing who to profile this issue, someone said “women who develop are the real deal”, and that pretty much decided it. With enthusiasm from me and the rest of the team, I took a virtual trip to Vendeuvre, France to learn more about Claire and why Textpattern is part of her life.
Jean François Porchez
by Destry Wion
Issue 1 Feb 2012
While auditing content in preparation for TXP’s relaunch, I came across a short article from 2006 that introduced Le Typographe, a Textpattern-powered website belonging to the French typeface designer, Jean François Porchez. Keen on typography-driven web design, I decided to look into Porchez’s background more, and was rather stunned by the magnitude of his accomplishments. His professional history, combined with the fact he’s still using Textpattern CMS today, inspired me to do a follow-up interview and give the man due attention as a talented individual and a committed Textpattern user from the very beginning.
Interview with Marie Poulin
by Ralitza Dilovska
Issue 1 Feb 2012
For one of our first Community Spotlight articles, I talked with Marie Poulin, a member of the TXP team who will be serving in two important ways by Issue 2. First will be as Editor for TXP’s upcoming Site Watch column, where she—and occasionally other team editors—will be profiling exceptional sites powered by Textpattern CMS. She’ll also be a part of the committee that coordinates theme competitions sometime after the admin-side markup of Textpattern CMS has been reworked. Since she’s involved with these key roles, and because few who might be interested in theme competitions may know Marie, we thought it would be nice to introduce her to you. She’s not a personality to disappoint.