The current columns in TXP are described below.

From the Editor

An address from the Editor-in-Chief each issue to introduce a current issue's article topics, and to discuss other magazine affairs—as they would concern the interests of readers—that may arise from one issue to another.

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Community Spotlight

A regular column that highlights users of Textpattern CMS. They may be anywhere in the world and usually doing remarkable things in design, development, publishing, and so forth.

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Site Watch

A regular column beginning Issue 2 that profiles top-class websites built on top of Textpattern CMS. The websites are evaluated against a number of quality metrics, and earn a spot in the TXP Exhibit, a showcase of the best websites online built with the CMS.

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A regular column that profiles at least one Textpattern CMS "plugin" each issue, describing its use and value as a CMS extension.

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The Independent's Frontline

A column dedicated to freelancers and other independent professionals in the web industry. It's written by independents for independents and serves to provide insights and tips for staying productive, balancing work and family time, finding inspiration, using new tools, et cetera. This column isn't related with using Textpattern CMS. It's also a rotational column, meaning it only appears in a given issue if an article is available.

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Hope for the Future

TXP's equivalent to an opinion column. Contributing authors can write about most anything, though we ensure it's relevant to the CMS industry in some way. This column is rotational.

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Meaningful Labour

TXP's tutorial column. It provides concise yet thorough end-to-end how-to articles for building Textpattern CMS architecture, with a strong lean on Textpattern's native Tag library and HTML 5. This column is rotational.

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