About TXP Magazine

TXP is an international publication of the open source project, Textpattern, and serves as a discourse between the project and the rest of the world.


The magazine is published quarterly, with an aim to become bimonthly. In reality, that means never sooner than every two months and never longer than three. We anticipate that as time goes by, we’ll be able to push a regular bimonthly schedule.


While Textpattern leadership, under core developers, is principally focused on maintaining one of the best publishing systems ever conceived, the magazine’s editorial team enlightens the public, engages with the community, and offers a platform for skilled writers to exercise their stuff.

Articles are focused to a number of columns, which may vary over time as we learn what topics are popular and what aren’t, and we aim to eventually publish between seven and nine article per issue.

Magazine history

TXP was launched in early 2005 by Alexandra Labudda. She established the magazine as a kind of ‘who’s doing what in the world of Textpattern’ resource, with a smattering of other topics too. Alexandra managed the mag independently for nearly four years with a scant number volunteers coming and going. An impressive run, all things considering. In 2008 contributions wained, and by autumn that year Labudda published her last article as magazine Editor. If one thing can be said of that period, the magazine built up a respectable following.

In late 2011, Textpattern adopted the dormant magazine as a greater voice for the project, and invited Destry Wion (a long-time member of the community and founder of the Textpattern user documentation wiki) to give the magazine new editorial direction. TXP relaunched in February 2012, with an established team, a renewed focus on quality content, and many other plans.


TXP is run like any professional publication should be; business-oriented, user-focused, and strategically guided. If we’re doing something wrong (or everything right), let us know. We’d appreciate transparent feedback through one of our social channels, like @txpmag or TXP G+, but you can contact us directly if your reason is more business oriented.