From the Editor: Issue 4 is another staggered issue. Articles will be posted as they roll in. We begin with a great one. Our esteemed colleague, Kevin Potts, dazzles you with a technical rouser on using the smd_calendar plugin. Other articles to look forward to this issue include a guest contribution, a piece on eyewear (you’ve got to protect the eyes), and a special address to new Textpattern community members. The rest you’ll have to wait for. Come on in, the reading is fine! Read it all…

In this issue

From the editor 4
We were down, but we're not out. We're just getting focused.
Event management in Textpattern

Events. They’re what life is made of. Kevin Potts shows us how to wrap them together with Textpattern, of course.

To new Textpattern community members

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, so this is for the new talent joining Textpattern’s ranks. Roll up your sleeves, we’ve got things to do.


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"I love Textile everyday I use it. Textile is probably the most crucial element for me because it helps to clearly separate content from form. With Textile, just hints of the markup structure are there; the usual HTML code is not clogging things up and getting in the way of copy writing and editing. Its a good balance and easy to manipulate."

- Jean François Porchez


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