Ralitza Dilovska

Ralitza Dilovska

I have a background in the analysis and design of information systems, but around the start of the century my attention narrowed to the web and I have been consulting, designing and implementing in that medium ever since. I worked as a designer and art director at a number of web agencies in Germany, predominantly for corporate dinosaurs but changed those in 2007 for a freelance gig and the more personal contact with smaller clients.

Textpattern found me through chance when in 2004 a colleague asked if I could help with the templates for a client’s project that was to use the CMS. It was love at first tag and Textpattern has since been my most beloved CMS. Not surprisingly, it’s one that many of my clients have come to like, too.

When not explaining this web thing to people, designing and building sites, I read (almost) indiscriminately, write, bake, and keep promising to start drawing again.

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