Kevin Potts

Kevin Potts

I am a Jersey-born, Philadelphia-educated web nerd currently wasting his prime years away in the cultural flatline that is The American Midwest.

I embraced the web back in 1995 when a text editor and Netscape Navigator Gold were the only tools needed to publish HTML. I found Textpattern in 2005(ish) while seeking a replacement for Movable Type to drive my blog, graphicpush. These days I pose as a creative director of a $100 million software company while avidly freelancing until the wee hours of the morning, and I happily joined the staff of TXP Magazine assuming there might be some free time in my schedule. Destry no doubt regrets bringing me on board, but if anyone asks, just say I’m doing a good job.

Speaking of pretending, I dabble in creative leadership, design across different mediums, marketing strategy, content strategy, public speaking, and other nifty stuff, including once dressing up as a viking. Primary loves include his wife, any music that uses a drum machine, and sharing his opinion. I hate haters, curse too much, and pretty much don’t give a shit about what people think about it anyway so there.

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